Crime Case: The Complete Blog Dedicated On Kidnapping Of Garth WU’s Son

In winter of 2019, New Orleans city is facing issues like corruption, bad politics, class and race issues and many more. The government’s radical structure forces change by pressing hard to citizen. The culture is white-dominated and follows color hierarchy. Many people rebel about unchanging conditions, while others support and believe in white supremacy. Racism is not only openly practiced but it is encouraged. This radical approach is lifestyle of sometimes become cause of biggest violence. In this place class and reputation is vital to people. Moreover, you will be judged by way of dressing, spoken and carried around in public settings.

Garth Wu and Charlotte Platt, an English couple living in semi-posh area. They have shifted to this new location back in 2015. This newly married couple was living a peaceful life together with three children. They never anticipated what life is bringing their way.

It all changed in the afternoon on Thursday, June 16. At end of Garth house, Digby’s street bustled with activity as hundreds of people make their way home from plethora of different jobs. On this day, Garth Wu sons were playing in their front yard, Casper Wu was 10 years old and was playing with his brother Boris Wu and sister Laura Wu. They were watched by Rosa Gorman, a white teenage neighbour who sometimes babysat for Wu’s family. Rosa was standing by a sidewalk and was holding Laura in her arms. Two African-American women who’d been walking by stopped to ask Rosa for a location. This was not unusual, despite racial tension, people still shared conversation. While giving direction, Rosa noticed flames coming from backside of her house. She raced back to her place and was terrified to see hot yellow and golden color flames quickly enveloping her house. The two African American women also rushed with Rosa and called for help. Soon fire engines were pulling into Rosa’s place.

Hunger For Money

After everything settled down, stressed Rosa went back to check on Wu’s kids but in backyard was only little Boris, and Casper Wu were missing. Eventually, following evening Mr. and Mrs. Wu filed report for their missing elder son. Boris was too small to speak to tell what actually happened during that duration when Rosa rushed shouting at her home after seeing flames. The event of elder son kidnapping created chaos is within lives of Wu’s. Even the city was filling up with rumours about African-American women been part of this kidnapping. Many people claim they saw two tall men with dark complexion walk a young white boy during chaos. The case was taken up by local police but details of this case were too complicated. The local police were unable to solve mystery of missing son. Later, this case was transferred to private detective.


The private detectives were able to solve the case using CCTV cameras from local store up on lane as Wu’s residence. Perhaps one of most astonishing facts was how many people like to watch themselves on camera. The local electronics store had street view camera that actually displayed everyone moving on street on a large TV. In normal day people walking by would stop and see them on large TV. The same camera surveillance recorded two tall men with dark complexion walking a young white child. The two males were also African-American and worked in factories two blocks from Wu’s place. They often crossed same lane while going home. Unfortunately, one day they thought to make more money by kidnapping one of two white kids who usually played in backyard.

Wrapping Up

Both Dan and Andrew were arrested in this case of kidnapping Wu’s elder son. They were sent to serve 20-year jail time. Today, after almost a year of this incident Wu’s family is recovering from psychological stress and starting their day normally. Rosa’s home was fully reconstructed and she still babysits her neighbour kids.

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