The Ultimate Guide To Understand Private Surveillance Investigation

‘’Surveillance Investigation can be defined as close observation of a person. It can be done for place or object as well. In a nutshell, it is practice of watching subjects so that observation can be documented. In case you are one of private investigators then believe it or not your success lies in getting your basic clear. To carry out private surveillance is essential.’’- Marion Greenway, private investigator.

Surveillance component is famed part of private investigation. For example, famous Sherlock Holmes following his opponent for key information. Surveillance is simply watching someone with intention of getting complete information. As a result of surveillance, you can collect bulk evidence. You can use same strategy of surveillance for places and objects as well.

When Surveillance Should Be Used?

  • Searching Missing Person
  • Investigating Relationships
  • Theft
  • Company and Worker Case
  • Inspecting Vandalism
  • Investigating Fraud
  • Other criminal investigations

Type of Surveillance

There can be plethora of ways to carry out surveillance investigation. To investigate you can use electronics, physical observation, interviews, and use technology.

Electronic Surveillance: First things first, it is most common type of surveillance used by private investigators. Generally, it involves using devices, for example, television, cameras, wiretapping, and radio. This surveillance also includes tapping into phone, email and social media of individuals.

Physical Observation: Next, one of most common ways is to do physical observation where private detective or investigator follows or watches subject under investigation. Many times, this involves detective using disguise and prop to cover up his or her identity. It is possible that there could be multiple investigators working on same case.

Common Interview:Investigators can conduct interviews for extracting information. It is direct and fast way to get your hands-on important information. List of people could include members of same family, neighbour, and subject friends and office co-workers.

Technical:During technical interviews, complete emphasis is on photography and videography. While performing technical surveillance – private detective can use dash cameras and surveillance cameras.

Methods Of Surveillances

There is plethora of ways to perform surveillance and it varies from one private detective to another. Many investigators choose hybrid ways to perform their investigation. In other words, they use more than one method for information extraction and surveillances.

  • Overt Vs. Covert: You can understand overt investigation as an investigation done using security cameras. Otherwise, covert is all about going undercover and following subject of interest.
  • Mobile Vs. Stationary: As name suggests, in mobile investigation – detective is dynamically involved with their subject. Private investigators can go on foot or on vehicle. During stationary investigation – private detective stays at one location only.
  • Mechanical Vs. Human: Last but not least, mechanical investigation includes use of video cameras, voice recorders, and other equipment. In human investigation – team of members investigates sources on information directly.
  • Making Preparations

    During initial private investigation, it is essential to be prepared for anything. It means you can never be fully prepared but making preparation will give you an extra edge. Millions of successful investigations always begin with their surveillance tactics by first gathering data. In the early phases – majorly focus is given to building demographic of subject. Investigators often use addresses and common habits to get an idea about subject daily schedule. Nowadays, you can also get more information using variety of social media platforms, for example, Facebook and Twitter. This information is then used in making preparation and building up plans. You can also map out different opportunities and note down required equipment.

    Wrapping Up

    Once you have understood about reasons behind surveillance, and type of investigation you want to go for? Next, it is time to develop art of investigation. You need to get down to good conduct in field and then start gaining skills to draw out stronger evidence.

The Ultimate 6 Reasons Why People Keep Taking Phishing Attacks

“Believe it or not! But you could be next. Millions of people all around world face certain degree of cybercrimes every day. These crimes and offenses are committed against individuals, groups of people and organizations and businesses. Generally, there is only one motive behind these attacks and it is ‘communication war’. There can be plethora of other reasons rooting to same cause, for example, theft of data, theft of resources, information warfare and corruption via malware attack or phishing.”- Graham-Jones, cybersecurity executive.

During last decade, cybercrime represented as top threat to world large corporations and companies. Today, cybercrime is risking everyone and costing approximately $12 million per year on an average. Needless to mention by far most expensive form of cybercrime is malware and phishing attacks. Only phishing attacks are costing to $3.5 million on other hand malicious code and hacking are costing more than $2 million.

Sonya Ball, cybercrime blogger says – “Phishing attack is one of persistent threat to businesses’’. Over 90% of businesses face at least one phishing attack in its five years of working. Today, world is facing 76% increased phishing attack as compared to last few years”.

There is plethora of reasons why phishing is considered as gateway to cybercrimes. Here is list of top six reasons:

  • Weakest Links: First things first, users can be one of weakest links and since most of user are not trained at all to recognize phishing attempts. This can create stressful situations while facing a phishing attack and they also fall prey to attack easily. During phishing attacks mostly, it is user who clicks unauthorized links or open attachments in emails without considering potential harm to complete network. As per one of research, 55% of total employee popular will receive training against cybercrime and that too not more than twice per year. Shockingly more than 8% of employee will never get into any such training. This directly results in low-confidence in users when it comes to recognizing incoming threats.
  • Not Enough: Next, this problem gets even more complicated when organization fails to take enough action to reduce risks associated with malware attack and phishing. That is why 15% of receive ransomware attacks during their 5-7 years of tenor. There are three most common weak areas in small-medium scale organizations:
    • Slow-Backup Process: During a ransomware attack, most organization goes BLANK. They face situation like insufficient backup processes. In worse cases, ransomware also wipes clean all user data from employees’ workstations.
    • User Testing: There is an organization with no adequate process in place when it comes to testing their users. This leaves them unable to determine or grade staff members which are more susceptible to an attack. It is essential to keep user and employees’ updates with knowledge regarding phishing emails.
    • BYOD risk: Last but not least, BYOD or Bring Your Own Device policy is essential to minimize security risks.
  • Large-Scale Criminal Organization: Believe it or not! But criminal organizations come with massive resources and technology helping them to get results. These organizations have amazing technical resources and effective variants of malware attacks.
  • Shifting Focus of Cyber Crimes: There is so much data that it is hard to find leaks. Today, dark web has decreased commercial value of data. Nowadays, cybercrimes are getting data-focused. Although, in end, it all gets related to ransom attacks. If you are afraid of losing your data and information, then it best of everyone benefit to prepare pro-actively for such attacks.
  • Low-Cost of Tools:With gradual decline in prices of phishing tools – now anyone can create phishing attack from home. There are phishing kits available online at cheap prices. This is resulting in explosion of ransomware.
  • Sophistication of Malware:Last but not least, malware is becoming critically sophisticated. Over time, problems of phishing, and ransomware is going worse without proper attention and gateways to defend against them.

Final Thoughts
It is essential to get proper education and information on cybercrime. Your employees must know about their first line of defence. With correct empowerment, it is easy to make better security decisions. Also, there is plethora of e-learning courses and e-books that can help you and your employees to learn more about protection against cybercriminals.

Crime Case: The Complete Blog Dedicated On Kidnapping Of Garth WU’s Son

In winter of 2019, New Orleans city is facing issues like corruption, bad politics, class and race issues and many more. The government’s radical structure forces change by pressing hard to citizen. The culture is white-dominated and follows color hierarchy. Many people rebel about unchanging conditions, while others support and believe in white supremacy. Racism is not only openly practiced but it is encouraged. This radical approach is lifestyle of sometimes become cause of biggest violence. In this place class and reputation is vital to people. Moreover, you will be judged by way of dressing, spoken and carried around in public settings.

Garth Wu and Charlotte Platt, an English couple living in semi-posh area. They have shifted to this new location back in 2015. This newly married couple was living a peaceful life together with three children. They never anticipated what life is bringing their way.

It all changed in the afternoon on Thursday, June 16. At end of Garth house, Digby’s street bustled with activity as hundreds of people make their way home from plethora of different jobs. On this day, Garth Wu sons were playing in their front yard, Casper Wu was 10 years old and was playing with his brother Boris Wu and sister Laura Wu. They were watched by Rosa Gorman, a white teenage neighbour who sometimes babysat for Wu’s family. Rosa was standing by a sidewalk and was holding Laura in her arms. Two African-American women who’d been walking by stopped to ask Rosa for a location. This was not unusual, despite racial tension, people still shared conversation. While giving direction, Rosa noticed flames coming from backside of her house. She raced back to her place and was terrified to see hot yellow and golden color flames quickly enveloping her house. The two African American women also rushed with Rosa and called for help. Soon fire engines were pulling into Rosa’s place.

Hunger For Money

After everything settled down, stressed Rosa went back to check on Wu’s kids but in backyard was only little Boris, and Casper Wu were missing. Eventually, following evening Mr. and Mrs. Wu filed report for their missing elder son. Boris was too small to speak to tell what actually happened during that duration when Rosa rushed shouting at her home after seeing flames. The event of elder son kidnapping created chaos is within lives of Wu’s. Even the city was filling up with rumours about African-American women been part of this kidnapping. Many people claim they saw two tall men with dark complexion walk a young white boy during chaos. The case was taken up by local police but details of this case were too complicated. The local police were unable to solve mystery of missing son. Later, this case was transferred to private detective.


The private detectives were able to solve the case using CCTV cameras from local store up on lane as Wu’s residence. Perhaps one of most astonishing facts was how many people like to watch themselves on camera. The local electronics store had street view camera that actually displayed everyone moving on street on a large TV. In normal day people walking by would stop and see them on large TV. The same camera surveillance recorded two tall men with dark complexion walking a young white child. The two males were also African-American and worked in factories two blocks from Wu’s place. They often crossed same lane while going home. Unfortunately, one day they thought to make more money by kidnapping one of two white kids who usually played in backyard.

Wrapping Up

Both Dan and Andrew were arrested in this case of kidnapping Wu’s elder son. They were sent to serve 20-year jail time. Today, after almost a year of this incident Wu’s family is recovering from psychological stress and starting their day normally. Rosa’s home was fully reconstructed and she still babysits her neighbour kids.

Here is Your Ultimate Guide To Understand Corporate Internal Investigation

There remains plethora of corporate clients which often dig deep into fact and backgrounds of employees. Today, this trend is quickly gaining momentum and sometimes finding specific answer becomes challenging. That is why clients hire corporate internal investigation teams and private investigators. But before you move forward and try to get professional service there is sometimes you must know about it.

Why Corporate Investigation?

First things first, you need to understand that corporate investigation includes deep assessment. It is conducted by private investigators. Generally, it is performed for protection of company’s assets and best interests. Many times, clients hire private detective to protect customer information from being misused or abused within internal culture of company network. Since, leaking customer information can possibly lead to brand hurting and also cause damage to reputation. In a nutshell, internal corporate investigation performs comprehensive background investigation on behalf of clients. This type of investigation can be used by businesses, corporates, and upscale enterprises.

There are plethora of frauds going on all around world, whether your potential business partner is clean or not, there is only one way to verify it. Often business manager does not have time to realize benefit of internal investigation. With private investigators working on your behalf, it becomes easy to gather information and to make key decisions. Private investigators can help you to do criminal inquiries, background check, and even financial checks.

Wondering Why Your Company Need Investigator?

In case you want to protect you from fraud, and to make best business decisions then it is highly recommended to hire an investigator. With business investigator, you can get hand-on information and other tools for success. For example: –

  • Personal/Character Verification
  • Past Employment Verification
  • Gaps in Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Financial/ Credit Verification
  • Medical Records

During On-Going Corporate Investigation

Nowadays there are plethora of ways to perform corporate investigation. Today, you can also go for tailored options and get an investigation around specific needs. With a private investigator, you will not only get a guide but silent party that works for you. That is why it is essential to be clear with your requirements and information you are seeking. One private investigator can help resolve many critical problems. In an ongoing investigation, there is integrity testing, countermeasure, computer forensics, and financial investigation. You can also go for private surveillance.

Reason Behind Hiring Private Investigator

Believe it or not! But if you know more about your competitor – it will help you with internal operations and make your market. It is more likely that you will succeed. It is common for companies and businesses to hire corporate investigators and have private investigator helping them in making decisions. Reaching for top means you will need edge over everyone else. Business can be complex and large businesses can be unstable. To deliver ‘real score’ you need verified data and responsible customers. So, don’t forget that you can go or hiring experienced private investigators.

Best Practices

  • Triggers: First things first, a good corporate investigator will be able to identify specific events. It could be anything from legal action to local compliance.
  • External Contacts: Next, it is essential to identify your key external contacts and then documenting complete information. So, you need to have your external contacts in place to avoid any redundancy.
  • Internal Contact:Likewise, external contacts you would need to identify your key internal contacts and document their roles.
  • Investigation Plan:You would definitely need an action investigation plan. It is essential to know what to do to when a trigger event occurs.

Final Thoughts
As part of last step make sure you always preserve suspects workstation and then immediately call for forensic experts. Remember, trained experts, come with proper tools and then help you to get your data back.

Top Ranked 3 Ultimate Reasons Behind Pre-Post Marital Investigation

“It is essential and it is very much personal – topic of marriage can be sometimes controversial as well. On other hand, millions of people believe marriage is made in heaven. Getting married is a massive responsibility and it is coming together of one soul in two bodies. Needless to mention, marriage brings joy in both families and each individual’s life.” – Alex Parker, marriage consultant.

No matter which profession you belong to, marriages mark one of most life-changing events in individual lives. This is one dynamic change that brings along amazing good fortune. Unfortunately, there are thousands of cases of breaking up of marriage. There are millions of reasons behind unsuccessful marriage ranging from financial situation to abusive behaviour. Many people give up on their marriage without even trying to resolve their situation. While others might try but fail in end. Today, in modern world, there are small families called nuclear families and big families – both suffer from marriage disputes.

“Given such case, it is highly recommended to individuals to go for pre and even post-marriage investigation”. – Raymond Humble, pre and post marriage investigator.

Sometimes, getting pre-matrimonial investigation can reveal surprising facts that might help you while rushing to make decision. You can trust other family after one successful background cross check. In other words, make sure you research about family that you are going to share your love relationship. Make their background your subject-of-interest for a while so that you don’t regret any decision.

Here are ultimate 3 reasons why you should go for pre-marital background check: –

Online Matrimonial

First things first, nowadays there is plethora of witty websites that can help you to find your perfect partner. Millions of people use dating websites and applications as gateway to find their other half. Meeting people on dating websites can be very different as compared to real-time scenarios. In other words, when you meet an individual in person then you can actually predict if you will be able to trust him/her in upcoming future. It is easy to become a victim of chains of offenses during dating online. With easy access to complete information, you can lose control of your digital identity and personal identity, in case you are not careful. But, when loneliness blinds people, many people choose to skip everything and go with comfort of online matrimonial websites and applications to find anyone they can rely on. It is highly recommended to use only trust websites and meet your ‘date’ in person after complete background check.

Your Social Status

Today, everything depends on your social status. Starting from your dollar job to individual you will be meeting – it all depends on which type of class you follow. Many people choose to not to give attention to their partner social status. This will not only lead to awkward situations but can give birth to distrust and unpredictable cybercrimes. Marriage is one of most personal things and it matters – so, make sure to take social status in account. Typically, purpose of marriage is based on belief that you have to take care of children only. Otherwise, truth is far from it. Marriage also means to take care of your social status. How you keep up with your marriage and social status will affect upbringing of your toddlers.

Trends Of Divorce

Previous Marriage and sticky relationships become one of biggest obstacles in successful marriage. Many times, people hide away from their past relationships. It is highly recommended to go for pre-marital investigation so that you can be sure of your partner. When a person is reliable it comes clean out of investigation. Often people don’t realize that hiding their past relations can cause damage to their current relationship. So, with that in mind, and without any fear of consequence – now you can go for pre-post marriage investigation easily.

Wrapping Up

Aforementioned are ultimate three short reasons behind pre-post marital investigation. It is essential to pay your attention to beforehand – so that you don’t have to face any relationship hassle later. Today, it is easy and simple to complete investigation done. Moreover, it is affordable and fully discrete.

under cover operation

Under Cover Operations

The use of undercover (UC) officers is a time-tested investigative technique where disguises and pretexts..

pre divorce

Pre/Post Divorce Data

We provide all the information related to spouse bad habits like drinking, Smoking, immoral activities…

pre matrial investigation

Pre-Marital Investigations

It is not uncommon in India to lie about or manipulate few things in order to elevate oneself and get a better life partner..

corporate investigation

Corporate Investigations

A Corporate Investigation is a complete investigation of a organization, business, or company with a view to discovering what (if any) incorrect doing has been dedicated by staff, administration, or third parties. We are generally take place after somebody reports an issue, and aims to response these 4 demanding questions:-

  • What occurred ?
  • Who is liable for what happened ?
  • Why did this occur ?
  • Are we responsible or at danger

Corporate Investigations are generally conducted by qualified investigators . Detectives know how analyze financial records, analyze devices, interview workers, and even go undercover. Based on the nature of the investigation, private detectives will work with legal professionals to gather and analyze evidence. Sometimes, an corporation will effort to conduct and interior organization on it’s own. This is usually a bad idea. It does not matter how well that company attempts to manage the producing conflicts of attention, it’s unlikely that managing the investigation this way will be fulfilling to outside stakeholders.

Organisations start a business investigation not only to stop inappropriate doing that’s in improvement, but to show workers, the board, clients, and the specialists that they are getting the issue severely, and will not excuse this behavior or secure bad actors. By determining the key persons, terminating them, and offering the details from the analysis to the board or even the specialists, organizations can save reputation, restore strength, and get again to work.

What Types of Things do Corporate Investigations Appear Into?

We offers with all types of wrongdoing by workers, control, and external parties.Generally, if you think somebody did something wrong and you want to know no issue if it occurred, what occurred, and who did it, then a Corporate Investigation can assistance you. These are the most common types of fraud, wrong doings, or unlawful activity that detectives look into:

Legal and Regulatory Offences:

If you have purpose to believe your company has breached the law or other rules,
you can avoid creating any legal problems worse by analyzing the issue and determining
out the key people engaged. Sometimes regulators will ask a organization to conduct
an internal investigation, other times an company will perform one proactively to show

cooperation and complying with authorities.

Data breaches:

Data robbery, damage, and breathing problems is a critical and substantially common issue for businesses. When loss of unique data occurs it’s consistently not the result of a impressive hack. More generally it’s due to the fact of a frustrated employee, or a simple mistake in security rights that allowed someone inside the company to availability
data they shouldn’t.

Employment issues:

These issues can range from disputes resulting from the selecting process to inter-employee wrong
doings. Researchers commonly look into

  • Perceptive property rights violation
  • Nuisance
  • Sex-related misconduct
  • Elegance
  • Civil privileges violations
  • Fair Credit Confirming Act offence

Economical misconduct:

Financial wrongdoings is incredibly common – in fact, over 75% of workers have confessed to stealing
from their company at some point. Types of misconduct that detectives look in to include:

  • Money washing
  • Vendor scams
  • Accounting offences and problems
  • Embezzlement
  • Misappropriation
  • Stock shrinkage

Intellectual property violation:

This can include easy corporate espionage, or worker robbery of the company’s intelligent property.


Corruption can damage business efficiency and public confidence in the organization.Researchers will look for kickbacks, incorrect conduct by workers in relation to community officials
or associates of other companies, and inappropriate payments.

Libel and Attorney

Attorney can consist of everything from false states by competition to fake Glass door or Yelp opinions.
Private detectives can identify the people involved so that the opinions can be removed stop and desist
papers can be served, or other suitable action used.