img9Insurance fraud is a long-standing problem for insured employers and their insurance companies. It has reached epidemic proportions across the country and the most effective way of combating this problem is aggressive on-the-street investigations designed to uncover and document the fraud.

Through the use of video and photographic surveillance, these investigations afford the defrauded employer and insurance company the means to fire, formally charge, prosecute,

Insurance Claims Verification, Insurance Claim Verification Agency – Secret Watch Detectives Delhi India penalize and require financial retribution from confirmed perpetrators. SWD is a longtime participant in the field of insurance investigation services.

Property Verification

As one of the leading detective agencies for property disputes, we undertake Real Property / asset ownership verifications from diverse clients. It might involve an online based asset search, witness interactions, surveillance and in some extreme cases providing personal security and protection service. Instead of selecting different agencies for different services, you can select us to cater your needs at the most cost-effective manner.

Real Eye professional detectives help you in assessing the situation of your case and planning accordingly. They advise you based on your requirements to provide precise services you require.