img10Theft in the workplace is a rather interesting area for discussion as it often raises many questions when we speak with clients, so over the next few months we will look at theft and fraud in the workplace and how to effectively deal with it and the consequences that it can have on your business or organisation.

Thefts will be tangible or intangible. Tangible means that someone will actually physically remove an item from your organisation; intangible thefts may be theft of intellectual property or the electronic transfer of monies from one account to another or an identity theft.

Thefts are committed from all sections of the employees. White collar, blue collar, male and female staff, religious and non religious alike.

There are many different motivating factors but at the present time as per previous articles which I have written, the current economic climate will be a major factor.

In over 20 years of investigating we have seen all manner of items stolen. We have investigated theft of precision ball bearings, co 2 gas canisters, pension monies and vending machine foodstuffs. There are open markets for any product and we are yet to find an item which does not have a re-sellable value.