img2Getting married to someone is a lifelong commitment and arguably the most important and almost an irrversible decision. Hence it becomes extremely important that one should perform some basic check before getting into marriage.

In the era of online marriage, it becomes even more critical to find out few things before getting into life long commitment. There is a tendency amongst, to take everything one the face value or rely upon few common friends or relatives to get a background check of the prospective groom or bride. Although this tendency is changing at rapid pace in India but still there are many who thinks that WE KNOW EVERTYTHING and there is no need to spend unnecessarily on investigating or suspecting one ‘s life partner.

It is not uncommon in India to lie about or manipulate few things in order to elevate oneself and get a better life partner. Such an unhealthy practise may result into mismatch. Getting into a bad marriage not only shatters the dream one had, but also leaves behind a long, lonely & painful life to live. In order to avoid such a situation and to enable you or your loved ones to take informed, correct and unbiased decision, we have devised a special package which cover the following aspects:

  • Character Verification
  • Habits (Drinking, Smoking & Spending)
  • Family Background
  • Financial Status font
  • Social Status
  • Earlier Marriage