The Ultimate 6 Reasons Why People Keep Taking Phishing Attacks

“Believe it or not! But you could be next. Millions of people all around world face certain degree of cybercrimes every day. These crimes and offenses are committed against individuals, groups of people and organizations and businesses. Generally, there is only one motive behind these attacks and it is ‘communication war’. There can be plethora of other reasons rooting to same cause, for example, theft of data, theft of resources, information warfare and corruption via malware attack or phishing.”- Graham-Jones, cybersecurity executive.

During last decade, cybercrime represented as top threat to world large corporations and companies. Today, cybercrime is risking everyone and costing approximately $12 million per year on an average. Needless to mention by far most expensive form of cybercrime is malware and phishing attacks. Only phishing attacks are costing to $3.5 million on other hand malicious code and hacking are costing more than $2 million.

Sonya Ball, cybercrime blogger says – “Phishing attack is one of persistent threat to businesses’’. Over 90% of businesses face at least one phishing attack in its five years of working. Today, world is facing 76% increased phishing attack as compared to last few years”.

There is plethora of reasons why phishing is considered as gateway to cybercrimes. Here is list of top six reasons:

  • Weakest Links: First things first, users can be one of weakest links and since most of user are not trained at all to recognize phishing attempts. This can create stressful situations while facing a phishing attack and they also fall prey to attack easily. During phishing attacks mostly, it is user who clicks unauthorized links or open attachments in emails without considering potential harm to complete network. As per one of research, 55% of total employee popular will receive training against cybercrime and that too not more than twice per year. Shockingly more than 8% of employee will never get into any such training. This directly results in low-confidence in users when it comes to recognizing incoming threats.
  • Not Enough: Next, this problem gets even more complicated when organization fails to take enough action to reduce risks associated with malware attack and phishing. That is why 15% of receive ransomware attacks during their 5-7 years of tenor. There are three most common weak areas in small-medium scale organizations:
    • Slow-Backup Process: During a ransomware attack, most organization goes BLANK. They face situation like insufficient backup processes. In worse cases, ransomware also wipes clean all user data from employees’ workstations.
    • User Testing: There is an organization with no adequate process in place when it comes to testing their users. This leaves them unable to determine or grade staff members which are more susceptible to an attack. It is essential to keep user and employees’ updates with knowledge regarding phishing emails.
    • BYOD risk: Last but not least, BYOD or Bring Your Own Device policy is essential to minimize security risks.
  • Large-Scale Criminal Organization: Believe it or not! But criminal organizations come with massive resources and technology helping them to get results. These organizations have amazing technical resources and effective variants of malware attacks.
  • Shifting Focus of Cyber Crimes: There is so much data that it is hard to find leaks. Today, dark web has decreased commercial value of data. Nowadays, cybercrimes are getting data-focused. Although, in end, it all gets related to ransom attacks. If you are afraid of losing your data and information, then it best of everyone benefit to prepare pro-actively for such attacks.
  • Low-Cost of Tools:With gradual decline in prices of phishing tools – now anyone can create phishing attack from home. There are phishing kits available online at cheap prices. This is resulting in explosion of ransomware.
  • Sophistication of Malware:Last but not least, malware is becoming critically sophisticated. Over time, problems of phishing, and ransomware is going worse without proper attention and gateways to defend against them.

Final Thoughts
It is essential to get proper education and information on cybercrime. Your employees must know about their first line of defence. With correct empowerment, it is easy to make better security decisions. Also, there is plethora of e-learning courses and e-books that can help you and your employees to learn more about protection against cybercriminals.

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