img8It is painful to find out your spouse is having an affair. In most instances Our backup of experts and eavesdropping devices gives complete analysis in tracing of telephone calls and anonymous letters. We extracts the inputs from the friend circle of the spouse and checks the odd hour activity of the spouse to track the reason of suspicions

Runaway Investigations are initially conducted as missing people’s investigations. Once the Case has confirmed the individual has, in fact, runaway the investigation then changes course. These are not similar to Locates or Skip traces. Just because an investigative agency says they conduct locates or skip trace investigations, does not mean they are equipped and capable of handling runaway investigations.

We do thorough search of the residence, specifically the individual’s bedroom and bathroom. A detailed interview is conducted with the parents to obtain stats of the runaway, as well as, potential leads. The parents will be instructed to begin gathering information, such as, names, addresses, and telephone numbers of family members, teachers, family friends, co-workers, schoolmates, and others.